12" e-Throne Folding Wheelchairs

1.     Patented brushless & gearless hub motor, much more power-saving, quiet and reliable than traditional hub motors.
2.     Programmable controller, can be set to different parameters for personalized configuration.
3.     LiFeP04 Battery 24V15AH, lifetime over 2000 cycles, can offer 28km travel mileage.
4.     Ergonomic seat cushion for comfortable riding.
5.     1-second folding, the quickest folding wheelchair on the market.
6.     Back rest tilting: 5 inclinable angles.
7.     Optional frame width: compact/ standard / wide
8.     Various add-on kits and accessories.
9.     Light weight, motors are quick detachable and attachable within 5 seconds. After motors detaching, chair body (about 15kg) and other parts can be put in car trunk very easily.